Award winning production

When I was approached by my dear friend Daniell Washington to help
her write, direct, shoot and edit her audition tape for the Roxy "Follow
Your Heart" Competition (http://followyourheart.roxy.com), I was very happy to do it! We had a great day on the beach, and just a few days later I posted her video on the Follow Your Heart Youtube site.

Less than a week later, we got the call: Daniell has won the $10,000 to shoot the promo and pilot for what will surely be a very successful series! She will be the host of "What Would You Do For The Big Blue?", a show for kids to teach them how to become stewards of our ocean and how they can help solve some of the Earth's environmental problem. Make sure to check it out the audition tape under the Media section of this site, under "Award Winning".

We are in pre-producion right now with an excellent team! This is a very exciting process. The show, an associated school tour, and the promotion surrounding it all will be HUGE.

Stay tuned for more about our new show!

Another site!

While this site is not a film site, why not check out my new venture:

Miami Condo Review!

At miamicondoreview.com, you will be able to post a review of your building in the Miami area.

I could have used a site like that before moving into the disaster of a building that I live in now!


We are very happy to announce out brand new Services section, which
highlights the freelance work we are now doing.

We are very proud to be working for major television networks by helping them with their show
development and research.

So if you have a show pitch that doesn't sound quite right, or if you want someone to do the research for you for your next project,
we have the skills and creativity you need, all at very reasonable rates.

Brand new!

We are finally up and running! It is thrilling to finally get this exciting project off
the ground. We are going to be shooting new shows shortly, so please come
back soon!

If you have any suggestions or requests, we would love to hear from you!